TRON Assets

What is TRON’s Energy and Bandwidth

TRON also has the concepts of RAM and CPU, which are its “Bandwidth” and “Energy” respectively. Bandwidth refers to the bytes of the transaction, for example, a transaction of 200 bytes will consume 200 bandwidth. Energy refers to the resources consumed for executing a smart contract, for example, a smart contract that requires 100 μs for its execution will consume 100 energy. All transactions consume bandwidth, including transfer and calling smart contracts. Some transactions require energy, such as calling a smart contract (TRC-20 transfer and in-dApp use). Consumed bandwidth and energy will be renewed after 24 hours. After you have used up your energy, you need to pay TRX as gas fees for transfers.

How to Get Energy and Bandwidth

Activated accounts can receive 5,000 bandwidth for free every 24 hours, which can be used for about 10 transfers a day. You can also get bandwidth or energy by freezing TRX. The resource price fluctuates according to the resources and frozen resources in the entire network. Open ONTO, enter TRX Wallet page, tab “Manage”; select the type of freezing resources, set the amount to get bandwidth/energy. You can also freeze bandwidth/energy for the accounts of other users. (Freezing resources for your or other people’s accounts can get TRON Power).

Freeze and Unfreeze

1. Freeze TRX to get bandwidth. The bandwidth you receive = your frozen TRX/frozen TRX in the entire network * 43,200,000,000. All users will receive bandwidth based on the amount of their frozen TRX.

2. Freeze TRX to get energy. The energy you receive = your frozen TRX/frozen TRX in the entire network * 100,000,000,000. All users will receive energy based on the amount of their frozen TRX.

3. In addition to energy or bandwidth, you can also get TRON Power, which is used for voting. For every frozen TRX, you’ll get 1 TRON Power, which equals 1 vote.

4. You need to wait for 3 days before unfreezing your TRX (since the time you froze your TRX), unfrozen TRX will be returned to your account and the corresponding resources and TRON Power will be removed.

5. You can unfreeze the resources separately according to the types of resources you received, given that all TRX have been frozen for 3 days.

6. After you unfreeze your TRX, all the TRON Power, bandwidth or energy will be removed.

7. After you unfreeze your TRX, the TRON Power that has been voted will also be removed. Therefore, you need to re-freeze TRX to get TRON Power and vote again, so that your voting will not be affected.

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