OKX NFT User Guide

Download ONTO Wallet and Create OEC Wallet

Sending and Receiving OKExChain Assets

Open OKX NFT dApp in ONTO Wallet

  • click "Discover"

  • Search "OKX NFT" in the search bar

  • Click "OKX NFT" dApp and the "Confirm" to enter


Trade NFTs in the OKX NFT Marketplace will cost your OKT gas fee, please prepare enough OKT in your OEC address of ONTO Wallet.

  • If you enter into the NFT collection once open the OKX NFT market, you can click the status filter

  • choose "Buy now" to see all the NFTs that are on sale in this collection

Buy One NFT To Win Activity Bonus

  • Enter the ONTO x Samurai Puzzle NFT marketplace

  • Click "Buy"

  • Click "Buy Now"

  • Click "Confirm"


The price for the NFT will be of 5 USDT in OEC, the gas fee cost your OKT.

Notes to attend the ONTO x Samurai NFT Lottery Activity:

1. REMEMBER, only ONTO Wallet users are eligible for the bonus distribution. Download ONTO now.

2. All ONTO users can participate, but each ONT address is counted only once.

3. The ONTO Team reserves the right to make the final decision on the outcome of the event.

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