ONT ID Wallet Backup

If users already have ONT ID wallet, how to backup the wallet.

Note: The mnemonic phrase grants full access to the wallet. Please store the mnemonic phrase safely and do not share it with anyone.

  • On "Assets" page, tap on the wallet name in the top left corner to open "Manage wallets" page

  • On "Manage wallets" page, tap on "···" button on the right of the wallet name to open "Details" page

  • On "Details" page, tap on "Export mnemonic phrase"

  • Enter password and tap on "Confirm" button to open "Back up mnemonic phrase" page

  • On "Back up mnemonic phrase" page, write down or copy the 12 words in order and keep them in a safe place, then tap on "Next" button

Please make sure you back up the mnemonic phrase in a safe environment. Anyone with your mnemonic phrase can access your assets.

  • On "Verify mnemonic phrase" page, tap each word in the correct order, then tap on "Next" button

  • If the order is correct, “Backup successfully” will be shown on the page

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