Private Transactions on Ethereum

Register a BLOXROUTE Account

Step 1: On "My" page, find "Settings" in the menu, tap on "Private Transaction" and then tap on the switch button.

Step 2: Select "Sign in to get an Authorization Header" to enter the Account Registration page. Next, tap on "Sign Up", check the "I'm not a robot" checkbox, fill in required information. Finally accept the terms and tap on "Create Account".

Step 3: Go to your email inbox and find the verification email from BLOXROUTE. Tap on the "ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT” button to finish registration.

Enable Private Transactions

Step 1: Enter the BLOXROUTE page and log in your account. Next, tap on "PLAN". Find the free Introductory plan and then tap on "SELECT". Copy the string that represents Authorization Header.

Step 2: Go back to ONTO wallet. Paste the Authorization Header string in the box and tap on "Confirm" to enable the private transaction feature.

Top up BLOXROUTE account

Step 1: Enter the BLOXROUTE page and log in your account. Scroll down to find the "Private Tx" box and tap on "LOAD CREDIT". Fill in the amount to top up and tap on the “CONTINUE” button.

Step 2: Tap on "PAY NOW", select a crypto and finish the payment by tapping on "Pay with wallet".

Select Transaction Type for ETH Transactions

When sending ETH, select "Transaction Type" to bring up transaction type options. Click on the info icons for detailed introduction for each transaction type.

BLOXROUTE registration guide for reference:

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