OpenOcean User Guide

Reminder: Operations require transaction BNB as gas fee. Please prepare corresponding transaction fees in advance to avoid transaction failures.

1. Download ONTO Wallet

2. Create ONTO ID

  • Set up your wallet name, password

  • Select the ONTO ID wallet chain type

  • Backup your mnemonic phrase!

If you already have a ONT ID wallet, you may choose to import your ONT ID digital identity wallet or a Binance Smart Chain wallet.

If it is not a newly created ONT ID , you may need to create a Polygon wallet. Click the wallet management button at the top left of the ONTO "Assets" page, click the ellipsis on the right side of the wallet-"Add New Wallet", select "Binance Smart Chain" and click "Confirm", enter the wallet password and you can successfully create a Polygon address and wallet.

2. Claim airdrop rewards on OpenOcean

  • Click on the address at the top right

  • Click "Claim"

  • Click "Claim now" in the pop-up window

3. Use OpenOcean dApp to exchange assets

You can find openOcean dApp entry for the corresponding chain in Market Page. Then select the assets that need to be swapped, enter the amount, click "Swap Now" to confirm the gas fee and password before you can complete the swap.

4.Add liquidity on OpenOcean (Take OOE-WBNB as an example)

  • Click on the upper left corner

  • Click "Go pools"-"Add liquidity"

  • Select the type and number of trading pairs that need to add liquidity

  • Click "Approve OOE"-"Approve WBNB", click "Confirm" in the pop-up window and enter the password to complete the authorization (only required for the first time)

  • Click "Confirm Supply"-"Confirm" and enter the password in the pop-up window to add liquidity

5. Stake LP (Take OOE—WBNB LP as an example)

  • Click on the upper left corner

  • Click "Go Farms"

  • After selecting OOE-WBNB, click "Deposit"

  • Enter the number of LPs to be staked or click "MAX" to stake all

  • Click "Confirm"-"Confirm Supply" and enter the password to stake LP

1) If you want to withdraw the stake income of OOE, click "Harvest" and follow the instructions.

2)If you want to withdraw the pledged LP, click "Withdraw" and follow the instructions.

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