Wallet Management

How to import wallet created elsewhere to ONTO App or vice versa?

Guide to import or export wallet in ONTO:

Why the address is different when importing the same mnemonic phrase?

When importing the wallet with mnemonic phrase, choose different path (encrypt type) will result different addresses. Please choose the right path (encrypt type) or import with private key.

I deleted the wallet. I have address and transaction record, is there a way to get the assets back?

If you have backed up of mnemonic phrase or private key, you can import the wallet with that. If you didn't back up, there is no way to get the assets back with address and transaction record. ONTO is a decentralized wallet. Please back up mnemonic phrase or private key safely.

I forget the password of my wallet, and I have assets in that wallet, what can I do?

You can use mnemonic phrases to reset your wallet password.

Guide: https://ontology-1.gitbook.io/onto/guides/wallet-management/change-wallet-name-and-reset-password

I can’t find my mnemonic phrases/private keys, or my assets have been stolen, can ONTO help me find them?

ONTO is a decentralized wallet. Mnemonic phrases and private keys are only kept in your phone, and your digital assets are completely managed by yourself. Thus, ONTO cannot help you find them. Anyone with your mnemonic phrases or your private keys has access to your wallet. If you lose your mnemonic phrases/private keys, you lose your control to your wallet. Thus, please safely backup them, and do not leak them to anyone else.

What does decentralized wallet mean? Where can I keep my mnemonic phrases/private keys?

In contrast to centralized wallet/exchanges that store your mnemonic phrases/private keys, decentralized wallet doesn’t store them. The mnemonic phrases/private keys are only kept in your local storage. Users are the only keepers to their digital assets. Decentralized wallet is only a tool to help manage users’ assets on-chain and capture blockchain data, and cannot control the assets.

Why does it show “wallet exist” when I import the wallet?

Please check if you have imported a single-chain wallet with the same address. After you have backed-up your mnemonic phrases/private keys, you can delete the previously imported single-chain wallet and import a multi-chain wallet.

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