Everything you need to know about the ONT ID digital identity wallet

This article is designed to help you have a better understanding of the ONT ID digital identity wallet.

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What is an ONT ID digital identity wallet?

Since ONTO version 2.3.0, ONT ID has been connected to the digital wallet.

ONT ID digital identity wallet is a brand-new digital identity wallet, which supports both ONT ID and the one-stop management of assets.

Creating a new ONT ID digital identity wallet means you create an ONT ID and a digital wallet at the same time.

Your ONT ID= did:ont:+ your ONT wallet address. They also share the same password when logging in.

  1. ONT ID

A decentralized framework that helps users control their data and identity.

ONT ID is a framework based on a decentralized identification protocol, using blockchain and cryptographic technology, that connects people, data, and services.

ONT ID protects user privacy and ensures data security, enabling trusted collaboration.

2. ONTO wallet

It manages your blockchain assets.

So far, ONTO wallet support 930 tokens, including but not limited to ONT, ONG, ETH, NEO, GAS, PAX, MBL and KLAY.

Supported token types: OEP-4, OEP-5 and ERC-20.

With your wallet, you can transfer, pay and participated in 48 Ontology nodes staking and get rewards.

Why should ONT ID and wallet be bound or connected?

The binding of identity and wallet is convenient for users to better manage their own all-round information. Both are inseparable from each other. After binding, the user only needs to manage one account instead of two.

What should I do with the old ONT ID?

The old ONT ID created before ONTO v2.3.0 can only manage users’ identity data, which makes it unavailable in many related functions that also require wallet payment at the same time. It is recommended that users upgrade and migrate to the new ONT ID digital identity wallet.

What functions are available with the ONT ID digital identity wallet in ONTO?

All current functions of ONTO require the use of the ONT ID digital identity wallet.

With ONT ID digital identity wallet, you can

a) Get certificated or authorized by 4 Trust Anchors (CFCA/SenseTime/Shufti Pro/IdentityMind) and get blockchain certs.

b) Get authenticated with 9 social networks (Mobile/Email/Twitter/GitHub/Facebook/LinkedIn/Kakao/Line/Amazon)

c) Receive and send 930 different types of tokens

d) Stake ONT in Ontology nodes to earn ONG rewards

e) Access to and use 25 dApps developed on Ontology blockchain

What’s next after completing a social network authentication claim?

The ONTO team is planning and designing more specific application scenarios for the claims. Please stay tuned to future ONTO updates.

Can I use ONT ID in the other wallets, like OWallet and O3?

ONT ID is a digital identity based on the Ontology blockchain, which cannot be used in other wallets at this stage.

As for Ontology official desktop wallet OWallet, it only works as a digital assets wallet while ONTO is a data wallet that supports both digital identity and digital assets.

Can I send ONT or ONG to my ONT ID?

Most users may find it hard to understand the differences between ONT ID and ONT wallet addresses as they appear quite similar. Take the following addresses as an example (differences are marked in bold as below):

ONT wallet address: ANjfiNR5zG1Dhm2dWwYMH8Wkju2eijAmGU

ONT ID address: did:ont:ANjfiNR5zG1Dhm2dWwYMH8Wkju2eijAmGU.

In general, when you transfer OEP-4 tokens including but not limited to ONT or ONG to ONT ID, the system can identify the ONT address contained in ONT ID and release the assets to your ONT wallet address. However, we generally DO NOT recommend you to transfer assets to ONT ID in case of any asset loss risks.

Please do double-check the address format is correct before making any transfers.

Can users transfer the ONTO points from old ONT ID to the ONT ID digital wallet?

No, you cannot transfer the ONTO points from the old ONT ID to the current ONT ID digital wallet, but you can still use the ONTO points with the old ONT ID.

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