Earning and using ONT Score

Earning ONT Score

ONT Score is an overall assessment of user credibility according to identity information, authentications, digital assets and behaviors. To earn ONT Score, you could:

  • Obtain authentications

  • Increase total assets

  • Increase times ONT ID of scans

Access the full list of authentications

Step 1: Launch ONTO wallet and tap on the avatar icon in the top left corner. Select "ONT Score" from the navigation menu that appears in the left.

Step 2: Click on "Verify now" to obtain authentications. You'll receive ONT Score automatically when it's finished.

You could click on the tab “Crypto assets” to check total assets, total staking amount and plaid asset. Click on the tab "ONT ID" to check ONT ID registration time and times of scans.

Using ONT Score

In the future, ONT ID users with different scores will be entitled to various rights and benefits. For example, a user may get a lower collateral rate and loan rate if their ONT Score is high. Enterprises and service providers can determine users' credibility according to their ONT Score.

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