BurgerSwap Guide

Reminder: Operations require transaction BNB as gas fee. Please prepare BNB as fees in advance to avoid transaction failures.

Download ONTO Wallet and Create BSC Wallet

Download ONTO App and Create ONT ID WalletAdd Chain Wallet in ONT ID Wallet

Sending and Receiving Binance Smart Chain Assets

Sending and Receiving BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Assets

Open BurgerSwap Bridge(Take the BSC version as an example)

  • Click on the "Discover" Page

  • Search BurgerSwap Bridge (BSC)

  • Click "Confirm" in the disclaimer pop-up window to enter the dApp

Use BurgerSwap Bridge for cross-chain exchange (Take USDT as an example)

  • Choose the assets that needs to be cross-chain

  • Enter the number of cross-chain assets

  • Select the target chain (Take Polygon as an example)

  • After clicking "Approve", enter the password to complete the authorization (only required for the first time)

  • Click "Swap"-"Confirm" and enter the password to complete the exchange

  • Wait for the cross-chain to complete

If you want to cross the asset back to the previous chain, you can open the BurgerSwap Bridge of other chain versions on the discovery page of ONTO

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