Acryptos User Guide

Reminder: Operations require transaction BNB as gas fee. Please prepare BNB as fees in advance to avoid transaction failures.

1. Download ONTO Wallet

2. Create ONT ID Multi-chain Wallet

  • Set up your wallet name, password

  • Select the ONT ID wallet chain type

  • Backup your mnemonic phrase!

If you already have a ONT ID wallet, you can choose to import your ONT ID digital identity wallet or a Binance Smart Chain wallet.

If it is not a newly created ONT ID , you may need to add BSC wallet. Click the Wallet management button at the top left of the ONTO Assets Page, click the ellipsis on the right side of the wallet-"Add New Wallet", select "Binance Smart Chain" and click "Confirm", enter the wallet password and you can successfully add BSC wallet. Then you can send or receive BSC assets to participate ONTO & Acryptos event.

3. Open Acsi Finance dApp

  • Click on the "Discover" Page

  • Choose Acsi Finance

  • Click "Confirm" in the disclaimer pop-up window to enter the dApp

4. Connect wallet

  • Click "Connect"

  • Select "ONTO Wallet"

5: Single currency/multi-currency stake on Acsi Finance (Take ONT-BNB-BUSD pool as an example)

  • Click ONT-BNB-BUSD

  • Select the currency and amount to be staked, or click "MAX" to stake all (You can stake single currency , and the system will automatically convert the currency into two other currencies for stake)

  • After clicking "Approve" (the number of approvements depends on the type of stake currency), enter the password in the pop-up window to complete the authorization

  • After clicking "Invest", enter the password in the pop-up window to complete the stake and get the LP Token

If you want to cancel the stake, click "Withdraw" to choose the withdrawal method. Click "Best price" to receive three types of equivalent currencies; click "Single token" to choose one of the three single currency to withdraw.

6: Stake LP on Acryptos (Take ONT-BNB-BUSD as an example)

  • Click "Farm"

  • Click "Connect Wallet"

  • Select "ONT-BNB-BUSD" trading pair

  • Fill in the number of LPs that need to be staked, or click "MAX" to stake all

  • After clicking "Stake", a pop-up window will pop up twice in succession and ask for a password. The first is the authorization pop-up, and the second is the formal staking pop-up. After the two passwords are entered, the stake can be completed.

1)If you want to cancel the stake, you can click "Unstake" and enter the required amount or click "MAX" to cancel all

2)To withdraw the income of ONT and ACSI, click "Harvest" and enter the password to withdraw the income. Since Harvest’s fee requires 0.06 ACSI, the Harvest button will only appear when the rewards exceed 0.06 ACSI. If the stake is cancelled when the income is lower than 0.06 ACSI, the income cannot be withdrawn.

7:Swap on Acryptos

  • Click "Trade"

  • Choose the currency and quantity you want to exchange

  • Click "Preview trade"-"Confirm trade", enter the password in the pop-up window to complete the exchange

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