TEN Finance User Guide

Reminder: Operations require transaction fees. Please prepare enough BNB in advance to avoid transaction failures.

Download ONTO Wallet and Create BSC Wallet

pageDownload ONTO App and Create ONT ID WalletpageAdd Chain Wallet in ONT ID Wallet

Sending and Receiving Binance Smart Chain Assets

pageSending and Receiving BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Assets

Open TEN Finance dApp

  • Click on the "Discover" Page

  • Search TEN Finance and click "Confirm" in the disclaimer pop-up window to enter the dApp

Add liquidity and get LP Token(take WBNB-TENFI as an example)

  • Click "Vaults"-"Manage"

  • Click "GET WBNB-TENFI"

  • Choose token (users only need to hold one of the three assets of WBNB/BUSD/TENFI because TEN Finance will automatically convert it into another asset required by the vaults to add liquidity and generate LP)

  • Enter the amount to add or select "MAX" to add all

  • Click "Approve"-"CREATE LP", enter the password to get WBNB-TENFI LP

Deposit LP to the Vault

  • Enter the amount of LP to be deposited, or click "MAX" to deposit all

  • Click "DEPOSIT TO VAULTS" and enter the password to deposit

1) To cancel the staking you need click "WITHDRAW TO WALLET" and follow the instructions

2) To claim the staking incentives (TENFI) you need click "Claim" and follow the instructions

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