Aboard User Guide

Download ONTO Wallet and Create Arbitrum Wallet

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Sending and Receiving Arbitrum Chain Assets

pageSending and Receiving Arbitrum Assets

Open Aboard dApp

  • Click on the Discover Page

  • Search for Aboard

  • Click Confirm in the disclaimer pop-up window to enter the dApp

Deposit your funds in Aboard

  • Connect your wallet and Sign in

  • Click on your address and go to the menu

  • Click on Deposit in the menu to deposit your assets

1) Please make sure you have enough ETH on the Arbitrum network as your gas fee.

2) Please make sure you have sufficient USDC to deposit.

3) If you don't have enough ETH and USDC on the Arbitrum network, You can bridge your ETH from Celer cBridge or Multichain.

Trade at Aboard

  • Select the trading pair that you would like to trade

  • Open a position. Choose Buy to open a long position, and Sell to open a short

  • Change your leverage as you want from 1X - 25X

  • Use whichever order type you want

  • Enter the amount of leverage you want to use and the size of the position

  • Click on Positions to review your orders (You can also close the position here)

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