SWFT AllChain Swap User Guide

This tutorial is suitable for users who use mStable dApp on ONTO for transactions.

Operations require transaction fees. Please prepare enough in advance to avoid transaction failures.

Create/import wallet and add respective asset

In this tutorial, we illustrate by swapping from Binance Chain Assets(BSC) to Polygon asset.

Sending and Receiving BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Assets

Open SWFT dApp

  • Click on the "Discover" Page

  • Search SWFT, the Polygon version of SWFT AllChain Swap is taken as an example

  • Click "Confirm" in the disclaimer pop-up window to enter the dApp

Wallet setting

  • Click “Connect Wallet” then choose a wallet to connect, ONTO Wallet is chosen as an example

Select asstes

  • Click the asset icon and selctet the assets you want to swap respectively

Fill the amount and address

  • Click the value box to enter the amount of stored assets

  • Enter the receiving address

Swap at SWFT

  • Click “Swap

  • Click “Confirm Swap

  • Click Confirm to authorize

  • Enter the password and wait for the transaction to succeed

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