GameDAO User Guide

Reminder: Operations require transaction fees. Please prepare enough BNB in advance to avoid transaction failures.

Download ONTO Wallet and Create BSC Wallet

pageDownload ONTO App and Create ONT ID WalletpageAdd Chain Wallet in ONT ID Wallet

Sending and Receiving Binance Smart Chain Assets

pageSending and Receiving BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Assets

Add assets on the BSC (Take GDT as an example)

  • Click "+" on the Asset Page and search for GDT

  • Find the corresponding GDT under the BSC and click "+" on the right to see the GDT on the Asset Page. Click to enter the asset details page and click "Receive" to view the wallet address.

Open GameDAO dApp

  • Click on the "Discover" Page

  • Search GameDAO and click "Confirm" in the disclaimer pop-up window to enter the dApp

Vote for your favorite NFT works in GameDAO

1. Before voting, you need to exchange ticket with ONT/GDT (one ONT/GDT can be exchanged for one ticket)

  • Click on the Pixel Master

  • click for "more"

  • Click "Exchange"

  • Select the currency (ONT or GDT) to be exchanged, and enter the number of exchanges

  • After clicking "Exchange", enter the password twice (one is the authorization password and the other is the official transaction password) to complete the exchange

Your tokens can be redeemed once the voting is over: You are not spending your tokens; you merely need to deposit them and can later redeem them.

2. Vote for your favorite works

  • Choose your favorite work and click "Vote"

  • Enter the number of votes

  • After clicking "Confirm", enter the password to complete the vote

3. Redemption Token

  • Click "Exchange"

  • After clicking "Redeem Token", enter the redemption quantity and enter the password to redeem the asset

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