DeFiBox User Guide

DeFiBox is a one-stop DeFi information aggregator that collects all kinds of data about DeFi projects, applications, tutorials, etc. ONTO users can use DeFiBox to view their asset portfolios and DeFi news.

Enter DeFiBox

Select "Discover" in ONTO wallet, look for "DeFiBox" in the search bar. Select Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Huobi ECO Chain version, and then tap on the "Confirm" button. This tutorial illustrates the Binance Smart Chain version as an example.


Select "Dashboard" to view your assets on the network you have chosen. Select "Portfolio" to view DeFi projects you have participated using this wallet address.

Select "Approval" you can see a list of projects that you have approved to access this wallet address. Tap on "Cancel" to cancel the approval.


Select "DApps" to view a list of DApps by their functions and blockchains they are based on.


Select "Markets" to view crypto market prices.

Settings and Language

You can find DeFiBox system language and theme settings by selecting "Me", and then selecting "Settings".

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