LendHub User Guide

How to use LendHub in ONTO Wallet

This tutorial is designed for ONTO Wallet users who wish to mine on LendHub.

Reminder: Operations such as authorizing, depositing, withdrawing, borrowing, repaying all require transaction fees in the form of HT. Please prepare them advance to avoid transaction failures.

1. Download the wallet

Non-ONTO users need to download and register ONTO wallet first.

Option 1: Visit the ONTO website https://onto.app/ (VPN is needed to open the website.)

Option 2: Follow the WeChat Public Subscription Account "本体Ontology", and find the"ONTO Download" page at the lower left hand corner of the page.

Option 3: If your mobile phone is equipped with the Android system, you can download the ONTO wallet by pasting https://onto.app/android/ONTO.apk to the explorer and clicking “Get Started”.

2. Create a HECO address

Click the "HT" token on the asset page and enter the wallet password to create the HECO address according to the prompt. Users who have created HECO addresses can ignore this step.

If your HT address balance is 0, transfer HT to this address in advance.

3. Add tokens

Search and add the token you want to trade in the asset page. LendHub now supports HT, HUSD, HBTC, USDT, ETH, HDOT, HFIL, HLTC, HPT, BAGS, MDX, UNI on HECO.

4. Enter LendHub

Find "LendHub" dApp via the search bar at the top right corner of the "Discovery" page and enter it.

5. Connect Wallet

LendHub dApp will default to the HECO HT address on the ONTO. If you find that the wallet is not connected, click "Connect Wallet" and select a wallet option to connect according to your preference.

6. Trading Mining

Step 1: Supply

View and select assets on the LendHub homepage. Click "Supply" and input the amount of the asset desired for supplying. Alternatively, you can click “MAX” on the right of the input field to have all your assets supplied. Click the "Enter supply amount" button, confirm approval to authorize on the pop-up page. (only required for the first operation). You can click the small arrow in the pop-up window to adjust the gas fee, paid in HT. After confirming, click the down arrow, enter your wallet password and click the down arrow. Wait for the completion of your supply. Switch to "Withdraw" on the same page, click "MAX" to withdraw all supplies, or enter the amount of withdrawals you needed.

Step 2: Claim

Click the button in the upper right corner to enter the toolbar. You can check your unclaimed LHB token. Click "Claim LHB" to receive your profits at any time.

Step 3: Borrow

Scroll down to the bottom and check the amount in “My Supply” list. Switch the "Collateral" button of the corresponding asset. Confirm the handling fee and password, then click “Confirm” again. The green color will indicate that the collateral authority has successfully opened. Select the asset to be borrowed, click "Borrow". You can choose the "Safe max " or enter a borrowed amount you wanted. Note that the manual input of the borrow amount cannot exceed the maximum borrowable amount. After confirming the information, click the button below, enter your wallet password and click “Confirm” again, wait for the completion of your transaction. On the same page, you can switch to the "Repay" page. Please confirm that your wallet balance meets with payment before repayment.

7. Liquidity Mining

Step 1: Enter the liquidity pool.

Click the button in the upper right corner, enter the toolbar and click "Liquidity Mining". After entering, go down to select the liquidity pool you needed. Take LHB-USDT LP Token as an example. Click "Deposit", select "Approve LHB-USDT LP Token" to authorize on pop-up page. Click the small arrow in the pop-up page to adjust the gas fee, paid in HT. After confirming, click the down arrow, enter your wallet password and click the down arrow. Wait for the completion of your authorization. (only required for the first operation).

Step 2: Provide liquidity in Mdex.

In the LHB-USDT LP Token page, click "Go to MDEX to provide liquidity". Enter the Mdex page, select "LHB" and "USDT" by default, enter the amount of LHB and USDT (the amount of LHB and USDT will be based on the asset value 1:1 ratio). Click "Approve LHB" and "Approve USDT". Click "Supply" to complete the stake and obtain USDT-LHB LP Token. On the "Fund Pool" page, click on the "Manage" of each trading pair to check the amount of liquidity you provide.

Step 3: Stake LP Token.

Return to the page and click "Deposit". You can click "MAX" or manually enter the amount you needed. Click "Deposit" to complete the process. After the stake is successful, you can check the "Total Supply", "My Supply", "Unclaimed" and "Balance" on the page. Click "Harvest" to receive your income at any time.

Step 4: Cancel stake and retrieve your assets.

On the LendHub liquidity mining page, click "Withdraw", select "Max" or manually enter withdraw amount. Click "OK" to receive the corresponding LP Token. Enter "Mdex" and click "Fund Pool". Select the corresponding liquidity trading pair, click "Manage", and click "Remove".Click "Max" on the redirected page, click "Approve" to confirm. Click "Remove" to cancel the stake.

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