How to get AVAX in the beginning

This tutorial will provide three methods to guide you to obtain AVAX as gas on the Avalanche Chain

Method 1: Withdraws AVAX from CEX to ONTO wallet

pageSending and Receiving Avalanche Assets

Method 2: Use Multichain to bridge AVAX on BSC to Avalanche

  • Click "Discover"

  • Search for Multichain and click "Confirm" to enter the dApp

  • Selecting BSC mainnet——Select AVAX

  • Enter the amount

  • Select Avalanche mainnet as target chain

  • Click "Swap" and enter the password

  • Click "Confirm" and enter the password

  • After transaction is completed, the AVAX on the Avalanche chain will be displayed in ONTO wallet

Method 3: Use cBridge to bridgeassets from other chains to Avalanche (Take USDT on BSC as an example)

  • Click "Discover"

  • Search for cBridge and click "Confirm" to enter the dApp

  • Click "Connect Wallet"

  • Select "ONTO Wallet"

  • select"BSC" - "USDT"

  • Enter the amount that you need bridge

  • Click on "Approve cBridge to use your USDT"

  • Click "Confirm Transfer", enter the password and wait for the completion

  • After the cross-chain transaction is completed, the address will automatically receive 0.01 AVAX. At that time, the 0.01 AVAX can be used as the initial transaction fee to start staking on the Avalanche Chain

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