What is ONT ID

Ontology DID(Also: ONT ID) is a decentralized identification protocol which based on W3C DID specifications.It supports collaborative services such as distributed and diversified ownership confirmation, identification, and authentication of various entities including individuals, legal entities, objects, and contents.

ONT ID establishes a cryptographically-based digital identity for each entity, allowing self-sovereign of data authorization and ownership confirmation, which makes the identity and data truly assets that the user can control. ONT ID has the characteristics of decentralization, self-management, privacy protection, security and ease of use.

Ontology establishes a decentralized trust model and distributed trust delivery system through ONT ID and verifiable claim, and uses the C-L signature algorithm and zero-knowledge proof protocol to assure privacy protection of verifiable claim. Through ONT ID, Ontology will also incorporate various authentication service agencies, and establish multi-source authentication of the entity’s identity to achieve complete identity portrait.

In addition to relying on specific central entities to build trust relationships, entities can also build equally strong trust relationships by themselves. Trust transfer is achieved through mutual authentication between entities. Entities will have higher credibility if they receive more authentications from other entities – especially if those other entities have high credibility.

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