Depth User Guide

How to use Depth in ONTO Wallet

DEP is the governance token of the Depth Protocol. The mining time of the top mine is 10:00 AM on March 1, 2021 (UTC+8).

This tutorial is designed for ONTO Wallet users who wish mine in Depth.

Reminder: Operations such as authorizing, depositing, withdrawing, borrowing, repaying all require transaction fees of HT. Please prepare in advance to avoid transaction failures.

1. Download the ONTO wallet

Non-ONTO users need to download and register ONTO wallet first. Option 1: Visit the ONTO website (VPN is needed to open the website.) Option 2: Follow the WeChat Public Subscription Account "本体Ontology", and find the"ONTO Download" page at the lower left hand corner of the page. Option 3: If your mobile phone is equipped with the Android system, you can download the ONTO wallet by pasting to the explorer and clicking “Get Started”.

2. Add tokens

Search and add the token you want to trade in the asset page. HUSD and USDT need to be added manually. HT and ETH are displayed by default.

3. Enter Depth and Connect Wallet

Find "Depth" dApp via the search bar at the top right corner of the "Discovery" page and enter it. Depth dApp will default to the HECO HT address on the ONTO. If you find that the wallet is not connected, click "Connect Wallet" and select a wallet option to connect according to your preference.

4. Swap and Mining

Step 1: Swap

On the Depth "Swap" page, you need to approve HUSD and USDT for the first use, and the required gas fees are HT and ETH respectively. Enter the amount of HUSD and USDT to be deposited into the exchange pool, click "Confirm". After this process is completed successfully, you can obtain HUSD-USDT-LP Token.

*NOTE* Due to the characteristics of the AMM Automated Market Maker Agreement, in order to ensure a low slippage, it is recommended to check the "Balanced Deposit". After checking, enter the amount of any asset in HUSD and USDT, and the amount of the other asset will be automatically generated according to the current proportion of the pool. This addition method can effectively reduce slippage, that is, reduce losses.

Step 2: Mining

On the Depth "Mining" page, select the HUSD-USDT-LP Token staking pool and click "Go". If stake for the first time, you need to “approve” first, click “Stake”, “MAX” and “Submit” in turn. After the stake is successful, mining will begin. The handling fee required for this step is all HT.

Click "Harvest All Token" to get DEP. Click "Harvest & Withdrawal" to get all DEP and cancel the stake of LP Token.

Risk Warning

Depth is a non-custodial stable currency exchange DeFi protocol. Due to the characteristics of DeFi and encrypted assets, the possible risks of using Depth include but are not limited to:

1. Depth's own smart contract has a loophole or is attacked

2. Permanent loss caused by the decoupling of a certain stable currency

3. Risks of other related agreements

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