Use ONTO to take part in the Soteria Initial Farm Offerings

Sales details

Jan. 21, 4PM SGT For Sale

- 1,500,000 wSOTE To raise (USD) - $525,000 CAKE to burn (USD) - $262,500 Total raised (% of target)

You can follow the steps below to take part in Soteria IFO using ONTO wallet app.

1. Download ONTO

Download ONTO to access Soteria if you’re a non ONTO user.

2. Create a BSC address

3. Add tokens

Search and add wSOTE and CAKE tokens in the ONTO asset page.

4. Withdraw CAKE and BNB

Log in to your Binance app account, find CAKE and BNB tokens in the “spot” list and click to withdraw, select the networks “BSC (Bep-20)”. Please copy and paste the recipient’s address from ONTO wallet to the withdrawal address.

5.Enter PancakeSwap

6. Connect Wallet

PancakeSwap dApp will default to the BEP-20 BNB address on ONTO. If you find that the wallet is not connected, click “connect wallet” and select a wallet option to connect according to your preference.

7. Providing liquidity

8. Join

Happy Farming!

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