Mars Ecosystem User Guide

Reminder: Operations require transaction fees. Please prepare enough BNB in advance to avoid transaction failures.

Download ONTO Wallet and Create BSC Wallet

Sending and Receiving Binance Smart Chain Assets

Open Mars Ecosystem

  • Click "Discover"

  • Search for Mars Ecosystem and click "Confirm" to enter the dApp

Connect your walllet

  • Click the "Connect" button

  • Click ONTO Wallet


  • Enter

  • Click on the CAKE column

  • Click Get CAKE

  • Use BNB to redeem 1 CAKE

Use CAKE to pledge

  • Click Enable,

  • Click "Confirm"

  • Enter the password and click the arrow

  • Select the amount of CAKE to use

  • Click "Confirm" on the Stake interface

  • Click "Confirm"

1)To cancel the staking, click "-" in the CAKE pool and follow the instructions to cancel the staking.

2) To harvest the XMS, click "Harvest" and then click "Claim" in the upper left corner to come to the Claim Page. XMS implements a lock-up agreement to prevent large-scale selling pressure. It is released every three days for a total of 180 days. During this period, due to the high gas fee, it is not recommended to withdraw the income frequently.

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