OKLend User Guide

1. Download ONTO Wallet

2. Connect Wallet

Create ONT ID Set up your wallet name, password, and backup your mnemonic phrase!

If you already have a wallet, you may choose to import your ONT ID digital identity wallet. Mnemonic Phrase, Keystore and other import methods supported.

Tips: If it is not a newly created ONT ID or you are using the iOS version of the ONTO wallet, you need to create an OKExChain testnet address. Look for "OKT" token in the token list on Asset page, and then tap on it to bring up the address creation popup. Tap on the arrow button to proceed. Enter your wallet password to confirm and create your OKExChain testnet address.

3. Open OKLend

Click on the Discover page, enter the dApp name “OKLend” to search.

Click on “OKLend” to begin testing.

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