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Reminder: Operations require transaction fees. Please prepare enough ONG in advance to avoid transaction failures.

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Sending and Receiving Ontology Assets

pageSending and Receiving Ontology Assets

How to Supply Assets in Flash Pool

Users who supply assets in Flash Pool will earn interest from the supplied assets and WING incentives. Users who supply assets earn interest in the specific form of the supplied asset and receives incentives in WING tokens at the respective APY and WING APY. Each transaction costs ONG as a fee.

1. Supplying Assets

Step 1: Enter the Wing Flash Pool(Ontology)

Open ONTO, and enter the “Discover” page to go to Wing Flash Pool(Ontology)

Step 2: Supplying Assets for Lending

For the purpose of explanation, we are using ONG as an example. Click the “Supply” area in the line of ONG, and input the amount of ONG desired for supplying. Alternatively, you can click “MAX” on the right of the input field to have all your ONG supplied. Click the “Supply” button, confirm the supplying information and click the arrow button to input your wallet password.

Then click the arrow button again to confirm. You have successfully supplied your ONG when the process is completed.

When you have successfully supplied your ONG, you can check the amount in the “My Position” list. And you can find the WING incentives you received for completing the supplying of ONG.

Step 3: Withdrawing The Assets You Supplied

Before withdrawing the assets you supplied, you can check the “Balance” column for the maximum amount of the asset you want to withdraw. Click “Claim” to enter the password to claim WING incentives

For the purpose of this guide, we take ONG as an example. Find the ONG area under the “My Position” list, and click “WITHDRAW” in the upper part of the page to enter the withdrawal page. Input the amount of asset you want to withdraw, and click the “WITHDRAW” button. Or you can click “MAX” to withdraw both the principle and all the interests you earned. Click the arrow button to confirm the information, input your wallet password and confirm the arrow button again to complete the process. By then your supplied asset would be successfully withdrawn.

There may be a slight difference between the amount displayed under “My Position” and the amount you have actually withdrawn. That’s because the interest is calculated in real-time. The displayed amount only equals the amount you have actually withdrawn when you click “MAX” to withdraw both the principal and the interests.

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