NFT Marketplace Section Overview

Open the NFT Marketplace

  • Open ONTO, click "NFT" to open the "NFT" page

My Cart

  • Click the cart icon to jump to the "My Cart" page

Search for NFTs

Search for NFTs

  • Click the search icon to jump to the search interface

  • Enter NFT, NFT collection name or contract address for NFT collection and NFT search

  • Click "NFTs", you can switch to the NFTs list interface

Delete Search History

  • Click the delete icon

  • Click "Confirm" to delete search history

View NFT Details

  • Click on the cover of the NFT collection you want to view, and you can enter the NFT collection page to view the NFT collection information

  • Click on the NFT you want to view to enter the NFT details page

  • Click the share icon to share the NFT as a picture to social platforms Twitter, Telegram and Facebook.

Check Purchase History

  • Click the clock icon to jump to the historical transaction record interface

  • You can view the recommended NFT collections under the Recommended section

  • Click "Popular" or "New" to view the corresponding NFT collection


  • Click the time dimension button to view the NFT transaction volume rankings in the corresponding time period

  • Click "Volume" to switch the sorting order

  • Click "Floor Price" to switch the sorting order

  • Pull down and click "View More" to view more ranking data

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