User Guide

Take the BSC version of as an example

Reminder: Operations require transaction fees. Please prepare corresponding transaction fees in advance to avoid transaction failures.

The transaction fee for the BSC version is BNB, and the transaction fee for the HECO version is HT.

1. Download ONTO Wallet

2. Connect Wallet

Create ONT ID Set up your wallet name, password, and backup your mnemonic phrase!

If you already have a ONT ID wallet, you may choose to import your ONT ID digital identity wallet. Mnemonic Phrase, Keystore and other import methods supported.

If it is not a newly created ONT ID , you need to create a BSC address. Look for "BNB" token in the token list on Asset Page, and then tap on it to bring up the address creation popup. Tap on the arrow button to proceed. Enter your wallet password to confirm and create your BSC address.

3. Add assets on the BSC (Take USDT_BEP20 as an example)

  • Click "+" on the Asset Page and search for USDT

  • Find the corresponding USDT under the BSC and click "+" on the right to see the USDT_BEP20 on the Asset Page. Click to enter the asset details page and click "Receive" to view the wallet address.

4. Open's dApp

  • Click on the "Discover" page

  • Search

  • Click "Confirm" in the disclaimer pop-up window to enter the dApp

5. Use for Single-Asset Mining

  • Click "Single-Asset Mining"

  • Choose the assets you want to deposit

  • Fill in the amount to be deposited or selecting the proportion of the wallet balance to deposit

  • Click "Approve" and "Deposit" (Approvement is only required for the first time)

  • Click "Confirm" and enter the password to complete Single-Asset Mining

6. Withdraw assets

  • Select the asset to be withdrawn on the Single-Asset Mining page

  • Fill in the amount that needs to be withdrawn or select the deposit ratio to withdraw

  • Click "Withdraw"

  • Click "Confirm" and enter the password to complete the asset withdrawal

7. Cliam income

  • On the Single-Asset Mining, select the asset that needs to be claimed

  • Click "Claim"

The undrawn earnings will be reinvested by the contract every 10 minutes. Notice: The compound interest will increase significantly after time and be impacted by claiming frequently.

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