App Overview

There are 5 tabs on the bottom of the app leading to different sections.


You can view, send, receive and manage your assets here.

You can switch wallets by tapping on the ONT ID button on the top. The number indicates the total balance in USD of the wallet. You can manage send, receive or manage assets by tapping the three the three buttons below. The balance and 7-day moving average price of each token.

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Asset Management


You can check and participate in DeFi projects here.

On the upper part of the page you can use the ONTO cross-chain aggregated swap feature. Below it you can view DeFi projects by categories.

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You can interact with various dApps from here.

The pictures on the top direct you to articles about latest dApp campaigns. You can sort dApps by "Recently used", "Favorites", "Recommended" or dApp purposes. You can also look for a dApp by searching its name in the search bar.

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You can check out latest crypto market news and ONTO activities here.

Tap on "News" to view all, and tap on "Tutorials" to view ONTO related contents.


You can manage your ONT ID and configure general app settings here.

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