Valentine's NFTs Design Contest Guidance

Valentine's NFTs Design Contest

Download Nabox and Create Nabox Wallet

Click on the link below to view the relevant guide. Skip this step if you already have an Nabox wallet.

How To Use Nabox Plugin - Nabox (

Step 1: Enter the Ivy Market website and Connect to Nabox Wallet

On the Ivy Market page, click on the button named BSC in the top banner bar and switch to Nuls chain

Then click the Connect Wallet button in the upper right corner and select Nabox to connect the wallet.

Tips: Switch network to NULS at Nabox, before connect to the wallet.

Step 2: Create Collection

Click on the button named Create in the top banner bar and signed wallet.

Fill in the information to create the collection and click save.

Step 3: Upload NFTs

You can now click the icon in the upper right corner and select My Collections to view your Collections

Select a Collection which you want to upload NFTs.

Click the button in the upper right corner to add your NFTs.

Then fill in the information, upload your NFT and click the Create.

You can now see your NFT in the Ivy Market.

Step 4: Click the link below to fill out the questionnaire to participate in the competition.

Ivy Market: Unlock NFT Benefits | Unique Multichain NFT Marketplace

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