ONTO Anydrop Participant Guide

Guide to discover and join airdrops

Open ONTO Anydrop Airdrop Assistant

  • Open the webpage in the computer browser: https://anydrop.ont.io/

  • Click "Log in" in the upper right corner of the webpage to open the "QR Code Login" pop-up window

Log in with ONTO App

ONTO App and ONT ID wallet are required. Below is the guide.

pageDownload ONTO App and Create ONT ID Wallet
  • Open ONTO App

  • Click the scan button in the upper right corner of "Assets" page (Access to camera is needed for scanning function. You can check the settings of your phone and change the permissions at any time.)

  • Scan the QR code in the pop-up window of the ONTO Anydrop webpage

  • Check the ONT ID to log in with, click the arrow icon below, enter the ONT ID wallet password, and then click "Confirm" to finish the process

Open Participant Data Dashboard

  • On the ONTO Anydrop webpage, click the "Participant" button at the bottom left to open the participant data dashboard

  • Click "Airdrops" to view and participate in airdrop programs

  • Click the airdrop program you would like to participate in

  • Click "Fulfill", fulfill the requirements, then click "Confirm"

  • Click "Claim Airdrop Rewards", enter an addresss to receive airdrop rewards, then click "Confirm"

  • Click "My Claims" to view details of the airdrop programs that you have participated in

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