FIO Address Management

Register FIO Address / Domain

  • On FIO asset details page, tap on "FIO address management"

  • Tap on "Register FIO Address" to open FIO registrations page

  • You can register FIO address or FIO domain

  • Here's an example of FIO address registration

  • Enter a username you would like to register, then tap on "Check Availability"

  • If the username is available, tap on "Register" to register this username@onto as FIO address

Add FIO Handle

  • If you have registered FIO domain, click "Add FIO Handle" to open "Create FIO Account" page

  • Enter your handle, check availability

  • Tap on "Register" and confirm the transaction

Map Wallet

  • After registration complete, back to the FIO address management page, tap on "Map Wallet" button

  • Check wallet addresses that you would like to map, tap on "Map Wallet", then confirm in the pop-up window

Transaction via FIO Address

  • On FIO address management page, select a FIO handle

  • Tap on the copy icon on the right of the FIO address to copy the address, which can be used to receive assets on blockchains of mapped wallets

  • When sending assets, ETH is taken as an example here, select "FIO Address" tab, enter FIO address to send ETH to the ETH address that has been mapped to this FIO address

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