Account Abstraction Wallet

What is AA Smart Account?

The AA (Account Abstraction) smart account refers to a wallet with smart contract capabilities. The abstraction of the account ensures that assets are fully controlled by smart contracts, aiming to provide users with a smoother and more enhanced experience during on-chain interactions.

AA smart accounts can free you from the constraints of mnemonic phrases/private keys, allow you to use stablecoins for gas fees during transactions, and support batch transactions.

How to create/import an AA smart account?

You can create an AA smart account with just one click based on an ONT ID multi-chain wallet. The creation process automatically adds all chains supported by ONTO Wallet for AA smart accounts. To import an AA smart account, you need to first import the corresponding ONT ID multi-chain wallet. Select “Add Smart Account”, and previously created accounts will be imported automatically.

Why does the first transaction using the AA smart account require a higher gas fee?

When you interact with the AA smart contract for the first time, you need to deploy the contract and pay a deployment fee, resulting in a higher gas fee.

Can I delete an AA smart account?

When you delete your ONT ID wallet, associated AA smart accounts will be deleted simultaneously.

Can features like NFTs and dApps be used under AA smart accounts?

As AA smart accounts are not widely adopted at the moment, some dApps may not support them. This could lead to errors and potential loss of rewards. That’s why we currently restrict certain dApp/NFT-related functions under AA smart accounts. You can switch to a regular ONT ID wallet to use these features.

Look into the future

In future versions, we will continue to improve the functionalities related to AA smart accounts in ONTO Wallet. More practical features will be introduced based on Account Abstraction. Stay tuned for more updates!

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