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Why can’t I find the assets after the swap is successful?

1. Please add the chain that the token is on and the token following the below guide

2. Make sure the internet connects and refresh the asset page

3. Swapping may take some time to be confirmed, please wait for a few moment

There is a display mistake in my balance when I use swap feature on market page.

There are two reasons behind the balance display mistake:

1. Token has not been added to your wallet. Please make sure the chain that the token is on or the token have been added successfully to your wallet.

2. The page has not been refreshed. Please make sure your internet connects correctly and refresh your asset page.

Why do the transaction fees shown in the pop-up window so high during transaction confirmation? It’s not consistent to the real transaction fees.

Pop-up window during transaction confirmation shows the estimated highest transaction fees, and it’s usually higher than the exact used transaction fees.

Estimated highest fees = gas price * gas limit

Exact used fees = gas price* gas used

Gas price can be seen as unit price of the gas. Gas limit can be seen as the maximum amount of gas required. Gas used can be seen as the exact used amount of gas. Gas price is determined by the degree of blockchain congestion. The more congested the blockchain, the slower the confirmation of the transaction. Gas limit and gas used are determined by the complexity of the transaction, calculated quantities, and storage space.

Why does it stuck during the “Approve” process?

Usually it stuck during the “Approve” process is due to insufficient balance to pay for fees. Thus, please check

1. Create a new wallet.

2. Transfer token and enough fees into the new wallet

3. Use new wallet to continue the “Approve” process

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