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I didn’t receive the verification code to my email.

If you did not receive the verification code after a few minutes, please check your email's spam folder and spam settings.

I didn’t receive the verification code to my phone.

Below are reasons why your phone may not have received your verification code:

* Your spam messages are screened by your device and carrier settings.

* Your mobile service has shut down, has no signal, or has overdue fees.

* Your inbox is full.

When authorizing within ONT ID, where does the authentication data go? Will data be used?

ONTO will not save your data. All your information data for authentication and authorization is saved locally on your phone. Unless you authorize its use, no one has the right to take your data.

Again, based on privacy data considerations, we don't save any of your personal data, and if you uninstall ONTO, you need to re-authenticate the blockchain certs.

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