Sending and Receiving KLAY

Add Klaytn Wallet in ONT ID Wallet

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Import and Export Klaytn Wallet

Klaytn wallet can be imported and exported to ONTO via Keystore or private key.

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  • Navigate to the "Assets" section and right swipe over the KLAY token in the list.

  • Click "Send" on the KLAY page to go to the send page.

  • Fill in the KLAY address, mobile phone number, or email address of the KLAY recipient.

  • Enter the KLAY amount you need to send. Click "Select all" below to send all KLAY assets. Click "Next step", enter your wallet password and click the arrow icon below to continue.

  • After successfully sending, click on "Deal Details" to view the transaction details.

Receiving KLAY

  • Open the ONTO Wallet to go to the Assets page and click KLAY.

  • Click "Receive" on the KLAY page to view KLAY's address and its QR code, and click "Copy" to copy the address to receive KLAY.

  • Click "Share" to share addresses and corresponding QR codes in the form of images to social platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.

  • Click "Fixed-amount transfer" to set the number of assets to receive. When the setting is successful, the number of senders is automatically filled in as the number set when the sender scans the QR code using the ONTO asset page broom feature.

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