ONTO Basics

How to Download ONTO App?

Go to https://www.onto.app/en and scroll down to the bottom for download options.

iOS Users: Download ONTO via Apple Store.

Android Users: Download ONTO via Google Play store or APK

I can't download ONTO app on Google Play. It shows not compatible.

Download via this link:


Why there are only "Assets" and "Profile" tabs in ONTO App? Why I can't find "Discover" tab?

Users with Chinese IP addressses are restricted from using some features. Other users are not affected. If you are not in China, but some tabs in your ONTO App are missing. Please email: contact@onto.app

Why ONTO App Need Access to Camera and Other Permissions?

Access to camera is needed for scanning function. ONTO app need relavent permissions for the use of some functions. You can choose whether to allow ONTO with the permissions when you download and install ONTO. You can also check the settings of your phone and change the permissions at any time.

How to Add ONTO Web to Chrome?

Link of ONTO Web: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/onto-wallet/ifckdpamphokdglkkdomedpdegcjhjdp

Tap on "Add to Chrome"

Help Center: https://ontology-1.gitbook.io/onto-web/

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