Deri Protocol Testnet User Guide

This tutorial is suitable for users who use PC to connect to Deri Protocol's Testnet for the trading campaign.

Users have to download ONTO Wallet and import ONTO's Binance Smart Chain address into MetaMask on a PC.

Use Deri Protocol Testnet on Binance Smart Chain Testnet

  • Enter the Deri Protocol on PC

  • Connect to Binance Smart Chain Testnet

  • Click "Connect Wallet" and select "MetaMask"

  • Export ONT ID Wallet and import ONTO's BSC address into MetaMask

pageONT ID Wallet Backup
  • Connect MetaMask to BSC Testnet

  • Click the network selection button near the top of the app

  • Click "Add Network" if you have not previously added BSC Testnet

Enter in the BSC testnet details as follows:

Return to Deri's Testnet and Obtain Testnet Token at “Faucet”

  • Click "Faucet" and claim BNB for gas

  • Click "BNB" to enter the claim page, imput your BSC address, then click "Give me BNB" to receive BNB testnet tokens

  • Return to "Faucet" page, mint the tokens you want to obtain (take BUSD as example)

  • Click "Mint", the click "Confirm" to complete the transaction

Start to experience trading by Deri's Testnet

  • You could choose "Perpetual Futures" and "Everlasting Options" to trade (take "Perpetual Futures" as example

  • Click "Futures" on the top of the page

  • Click "Deposit" and select the testnet tokens which you want to deposit

  • Fill in the amount of testnet tokens and click"DEPOSIT"

  • Select any testnet tokens to take a long position

  • Set Volume of trading tokens and click "BUY/LONG"

  • Complete the following confirmation

  • You could experience "Everlasting Options" in the same way

A trader’s P&L percentage (%) is calculated in the formula: P&L Percentage(%) = (Dynamic Effective Balance / Margin)-1

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