Ontology Assets

What does "Insufficient ONG balance" mean? What is ONG? How much ONG do I need?

You need ONG as gas fee on Ontology blockchain. It usually costs 0.05 ONG per transaction.

Both ONT and ONG are utility tokens. Ontology decouples ONT and ONG to alleviate the risk of turbulent fluctuations of the native "asset" value on the gas fee. ONT is used as the staking tool and the time, cost of staking and operating costs of the nodes are considered to be inputs. ONG is used as a value-anchoring tool for on-chain applications and is used in the transactions on the chain.

How to get ONG? How to Swap ONT for ONG?

Swapping ONT for ONG:

Other ways to get ONG: https://medium.com/ontologynetwork/how-to-get-your-first-ong-90583d5f0623

How to Swap ONG for ONT?

  • Inside Onto App

  • Go to the discover tab

  • There you will search for UNIFI

  • Then inside the unifi app you will be able to swap ONG to ONTd and then ONTd to ONT

How to earn ONG with my ONT?

Participate in Ontology node staking. Stake your ONT to earn ONG rewards.

Introduction of Ontology’s Governance and Staking Economic Model:


Do we have any article to join as a candidate node for staking?

Yes. Check out this step-by-step guide to signing up and becoming an Ontology node:


Information of Circulating Supply of ONT and ONG?

Current circulating supply can be found here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ontology/ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ontology-gas/

Information of unlocked ONT: https://medium.com/ontologynetwork/ontologys-ont-token-distribution-and-circulating-supply-da96d5540827

Why did my transaction not go through when transfering to other another wallet or exchange?

1)First check if the wallet or exchange has announced that ONT or ONG transactions are disabled at the specific time.

2)Then check if your transaction address is correct, for example if there is a problem with the address.

3)Last, you can enter the address through Ontology’s official explorer (http://explorer.ont.io/) and check the latest transaction status.

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