ONTO OScore Helps

What is OScore?

OScore is generated by using internal algorithms to calculate the assets bound to the current ONT ID and is used to evaluate the current ONT ID asset level.

What is OScore used for?

OScore enables you to have an idea about the aggregate asset level of all assets bound to the current ONT ID. In the future, you will be able to send a credential containing your OScore to prove your asset level to others and participate in some investment activities with certain asset thresholds without revealing the amount of your assets. As part of the credit system, OScore will be used to comprehensively assess your ability to perform contracts; users with high OScore will also have the priority access to the loan and wealth management products that will be launched in the future.

How to improve OScore?

After you have created an ONT ID, the OScore in the wallet address generated with the ONT ID will automatically be included in the OScore. Transferring a certain amount of assets to these addresses will increase your OScore. In addition, you can add an external wallet address with assets and exchange API Key to bind your account assets to increase your OScore. The external wallet address needs to be verified by your mnemonic phrase before it is included in the OScore. The relevant mnemonic words, private key, and other information you enter during the verification process are only used for address verification. The API Key and Secret Key information entered when adding exchange is only used to verify the exchange’s OScore. ONTO will not store this information, please be reassured.

1. Add Wallet

1) Tab the "+" icon in the lower right corner and select "Add Wallet";

2) Select the token you want to add (currently only BTC/ETH/NEO/ONT /TRX/DOT/USDT/DAI/PAX/USDC are supported), enter a wallet name and the correct wallet address, then tap "Add";

3) After the wallet has been added, you need to enter the mnemonic phrase to verify that the wallet address is yours before the assets in the wallet address are included in your Assets Score. Tab "Verify" to jump to the wallet verification page. You can also tab "Maybe Later" and verify the addresses later in “Account Management” by tabbing "Settings" in the upper right corner;

4) Enter the mnemonic phrase or private key on the verification page, then tap the icon below to proceed.

2. Add Exchange Account

1) Tab the "+" icon in the lower right corner and select "Add Exchange";

2) Select the exchange you want to add and fill in the API Key and Secret Key (OKEx also requires Passphrase). View the instructions below on how to get API Key. After you’ve added the exchange account, its assets will be counted in Assets Score.

In the future, third-party scoring systems such as OScore will be introduced to assess your assets comprehensively. In addition, on-chain data analytics tools such as IntoTheBlock will be integrated into OScore to help you better allocate your assets. Stay tuned!

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