Flamingo Vault User Guide

This tutorial is designed for ONTO Wallet users who hope to mine FLM in Flamingo Vault. To begin, make sure your ONTO wallet is up to date with the latest Android version, v3.5.2 and the latest IOS version v3.5.0.

ONTO, Ontology’s self-sovereign data wallet, is a one-stop mobile application for the management of your digital identity, data and assets, giving users the power to control the value of their data.

Step 1 Download the latest version of ONTO from https://onto.app/f

Step 2 Create or import an ONT ID digital identity wallet

Note: Please try to switch the network or restart the App if the creation fails.

You can also import your NEO wallet in ONTO. Click on your peronal file, enter the “Wallet management” page, choose “Import NEO wallet” and fill in the private key in WIF format. Congrats on successful import!

Step 3 Transfer NEO or ONT assets in the “Assets” page of ONTO.

Step 4 Swap the cross-chain assets. You need to swap the NEO or ONT assets into the cross-chain assets based on Nep-5. Let’s take the ONT and NEO assts as examples.

【Swap NEO to nNEO】

  1. Enter the "market" page, click on the DeFi project "Flamingo" and click the swap icon in the upper right corner.

  1. Enter the amount in the NEO-nNEO swap window and click on the button“Swap now”. Congrates on the successful swap! You can go back to the“Asset” page to check your nNEO balance.

【Swap ONT to pONT】

  1. You need start with swapping ONT to ONTd. Click on the“…”on the top right corner of the “market” page and choose “ONTd Swap”.

  1. Enter the amount in the ONT-ONTd swap window, click on the button “Swap now” and input your password to confirm the transaction. Please note this transaction consumes around 0.05 ONG as transaction fee.

  2. Next, swap ONTd to pONT. Choose the ONTd-pONT pair of the “Asset” page, enter amount, click on the button “Approve”. After that, input the amount and password again, click on the button “Swap now”. Please note this transaction consumes around 0.1 GAS as transaction fee.

  1. Refresh the swap “Market“ page until a reminder pops up:“You have an asset to collect”, click on the button “Confirm” to receive the pONT.

Step 5 Enter the Vault page to deposit cross-chain assets. Click on the “Flamingo” project of the“Asset” page, taking nNEO as an example, click on button “Deposit”, enter the amount and password to confirm the deposit. After the successful deposit, you can check the assets balance on Dashboard.

Step 6 Withdraw FLM asset. Click on the “CLAIM” button at bottom of the page, enter the amount and password to withdraw your earned FLM asset to your wallet.

Step 7: Withdraw cross-chain assets. Taking nNEO as an example, click on the “Withdraw” button and enter the amount and password to withdraw nNEO assets to your wallet.

Reminder 1 Swap and stake ERC-20 assets

ONTO of Android v 3.5.2 and IOS v 3.5.0 does not support ERC-20 assets swap, but supports the staking of pnUSDT, pnWBTC and pnWETH into Flamingo Vault. In future versions, ONTO plans to integrate Flamingo's “Flamincome” product module to facilitate users to swap the ERC-20 assets with ease.

Currently you can visit the Flamingo official website https://flamingo.finance/ for learning more details about swapping ERC-20 assets with the NeoLine extension wallet.

Reminder 2 Withdraw assets from the old Flamingo Vault contract

  1. If you have already deposited in the Vault before the relaunch of Flamingo Mint Rush,please withdraw your assets from the V1. Enter the “Flamingo” Project page, click the “V1” in the upper right corner.

  1. Click on the button “Withdraw” to withdraw the assets.

If you have any problems using ONTO App, please contact us via contact@onto.app.