NFT Management

Add NFTs to Assets Page

  • On "Assets" page, click "Collectibles", then click "+" button at the bottom right

  • Click ETH, BSC, Polygon, OKC or ONT to view the NFT list on that chain

  • Click the check mark on the right of the token name to add it to the "Assets" page

  • Click the search Button at the upper right to open search page, then enter the token name or address to search, or click "You can add a custom NFT" to add a custom NFT

  • Back to Collectibles page, you will see the added NFTs

  • Click the menu button at the bottom left to choose to show all NFTs or only NFTs on a certain chain

  • To delete a NFT, long press the NFT with Android phones, or left swipe over the NFT with iOS phones

View and Manage NFTs

  • On Collectibles page, click the name of the NFT to view held holdings

  • If there is a relevant dApp, there will be an "Open dApp" button at the bottom left

  • Click the "Receive NFT" button to view or share the address to receive this NFT

  • Click the picture of the NFT to open details page

  • On details page, click the picture to view it in full screen, then you can click the download button at the buttom right to download the picture

  • On details page, click the share button to share the NFT picture to social platforms such as facebook

  • On NFT details page, click the "···" button on the right to open a pop-up window

  • If the NFT is listed on a marketplace supported in ONTO, there will be a "View in Marketplace" option, click it to enter the relevant marketplace

  • Click "Transaction History" to open the relevant blockchain browser to view transaction history

  • Click "Send" to open "Send NFT" page, enter required information such as address, then click the process button at the bottom, then confirm the transaction in the pop-up window to finish the process

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